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Some of Bob Gibbons' books are available direct, signed by the author (unless advised otherwise).

All prices include postage etc.

Please contact Bob direct, at the addresses and numbers below.


France boasts an amazing diversity of habitats and wildlife, from Ibex and Chamois scaling the cliff faces of the Alps and colonies of Puffins and Gannets on the rugged coasts of Brittany to one of the last western strong-holds of the European Mink on the Atlantic coast and flocks of Flamingos shimmering in the heat as they feed in the wetlands of Camargue. France is one of the richest countries in Europe in terms of flora and fauna - its mammals include Wolf, Lynx and the remarkable Pyrenean Desman. It also boasts one of the highest totals of breeding bird species in Europe, some of the best butterfly sites, and an outstanding array of wildflowers. "Wild France" celebrates the landscapes and natural history of this surprisingly diverse country. Expert naturalist Bob Gibbons examines

the geography and climate, the many different habitat types

and the remarkable variety of wildlife, while 250 superb colour

photographs dramatically illustrate the species and places

mentioned in the text.

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing PLC 
ISBN: 9781847733405 

£25 inc p & p

WILDFLOWER WONDERS: the 50 best wildflower sites in the world.

A book unlike any other, Wildflower Wonders is a visual feast for travelers and armchair naturalists alike.

  • Showcases the most spectacular wild flowerings on the planet 

  • Features 200 full-color photos 

  • Describes noteworthy flower species, ecology, conservation status, and animal life 

  • Includes color maps and at-a-glance information panels

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing PLC 
ISBN: 978147290982-4 

£17 inc p & p



"The new book Wildflower Wonders by Bob Gibbons is a superb

introduction to many of the globe's floral hotspots. . . . This is a

stunning book that should find a home on the shelves of many

curious gardeners."--Hardy Perennial blog

"An excellent resource for planning where to go on your next

trip or to just be enjoyed for its photos and information."

--Sandy Steinman, Natural History Wanderings blog

"In his latest book, accomplished botanist and photographer

Bob Gibbons treats us to a smorgasbord of botanical delight

-50 of the most flowery places on Planet Earth. Flicking

through the 192 pages of Wildflower Wonders, the sites

he spotlights are so colourful, it's hard to believe that they

are real and not a cyberspace creation."--Ron Toft,

The Travel Editor

"If you're any kind of gardener, or even simply like seeing pretty garden flowers, you will enjoy this. . . . Easy to pick up, browse, read all the way through, or just enjoy the photos, this is one book that you'll be glad to keep in your favorite reading spot, whether it's by the comfy chair, on the bedside table, or in the magazine rack in the reading room. I highly recommend Wildflower Wonders."--Alan Speakman,

"Those who like nothing better than stopping to smell the flowers will feel their hearts skip a beat for naturalist Bob Gibbons' Wildflower Wonders: The 50 Best Wildflower Sites in the World (Princeton University Press, 978-0-691-15229-5). 'Where' and 'when' are the operable terms in this unusually satisfying guide doing double duty as a beautiful coffee table book. . . . Painterly, educational, and inspiring, Gibbons' photographs could convert anyone to his pursuit."--Julie Eakin, Foreword Reviews

"A mouthwatering treat. . . . With stunning close-up images and wide-angle panoramas, he captures the excitement of the floral world, untouched (or at least relatively so) by human hands."--Richard G. Turner, Jr., Pacific Horticulture magazine

"A glorious evocation of some of the most spectacular sights which the natural world has to offer. . . . The combination of travel, an almost encyclopedic knowledge of plants across several continents, and the eye of a photographer has been superbly used in this book."--Andrew Branson, British Wildlife magazine.

Field Guide to Insects of Great Britain and Northern Europe

This guide will enable the identification of around 1,000 of the more common insects found in the region. The carefully chosen selection represents all insect groups, with a bias towards the more prominent species, so that all the butterflies, grasshoppers, crickets, damselflies, and

dragonflies occurring in Britain at the time of writing have been

included. Over 700 color photographs show the species in their

 natural habitats, and around 100 line drawings clearly show

important features, enabling accurate identification.

ISBN 10: 1852239379  ISBN 13: 9781852239374

Publisher: Crowood Press

Special offer, reduced from £14.99 plus P & P

to £10 inc P & P






of Britain and adjacent north Europe.

Beautifully illustrated field guides, full

of photos, yet small enough to carry in

the field. The butterfly guide covers all

UK species, the tree guide covers 90

species, while the flower and insect

guides cover about 250 of the most

frequently-encountered species.

All at £10 including P & P

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