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2021 Holidays


Sardinia: the mountains and the south

April 22nd - 29th, 2021


Sardinia is the second largest Mediterranean island, almost 3 times the size of neighbouring Corsica. It’s enormously varied scenically and geologically, with a rich flora and fauna to match. Our week-long trip takes in the warm southern lowlands and hills, followed by a few days in the central mountains. We’ll see endemic orchids, wild peonies and many other flowers, together with migrant and resident birds, and some of the endemic reptiles and amphibians


MAINLAND GREECE: Mount Olympus, the Pindos Mountains and the Vikos Gorge

May 6th - 14th, 2021


 An exciting 9-day tour set amidst the wild and spectacular mountains of north Greece. During the tour, we will visit some of the finest mountains and gorges in mainland Greece, with superb flowers, birds and butterflies in stunning scenery


FRANCE: Cévennes and Vercors

May 24th - June 1st, 2021


TThe Cévennes is one of the most attractive and spectacular areas of France. From our base at the point where two gorges meet, we can explore the rich and varied flora and fauna of the wonderful limestone plateaux and valleys. Then we transfer to the extraordinary Vercors mountains, spectacularly flowery, yet rarely visited. The total range of species to be seen on this 9-day trip is huge.


Transylvania: a natural history and general tour

Oct 5th - 12th, 2021




Transylvania in autumn is wonderful, with rich autumn colours, late summer flowers and butterflies, and a host of traditional rural activities. This special tour gives us a chance to see lovely landscapes, autumn colours, people at work, flora and fauna, ancient buildings, misty mornings and much more.

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